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Forever Darling V

Forever Darling V is coming together and in a hurry! I begin planning the show right after Forever Darling IV in September of 2011, which was a huge success! We were able to raise $3000 for Denver Design Incubator and had over 500 people there! 

As much as I wanted a break I decided I needed to quickly start on Forever Darling V but this time go even BIGGER! I thought why not have a sort of Project Runway reunion Forever Darling show. I really missed my friends and I really wanted to show everyone how talented many of them are with out the demands from all the crazy challenges,deadlines and pressure! Many of the designers that are showing at Forever Darling V I got to know extremely well, like how they take their coffee well. These designers may have not made it to the top 3, but I realized by hanging out with them over 18 hrs a day just how extremely talented they were and that I needed to give them a chance to show everyone just how talented they really are, which is where Forever Darling V came about.

 Denver Art Museum

The great thing about all of this is The Denver Art Museum is partnering with Forever Darling V to have an amazing night of fashion.


Most of you might know that The Denver Art Museum will be the only one in the US showing the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit, which is super exciting for Denver! For Forever Darling V all 8 Project Runway Designers will be showing collections of 5 outfits inspired by YSL. The Denver Art Museum is also creating a interactive fashion work room that will showcase a different designer each week until September showing demonstrations. The public can learn how to sew, sketch, learn about textiles and more! I thought what better way to break in that work room by having 5 of the designers from Project Runway finishing their collections live in that work space for everyone to see and ask questions about their inspirations their designs and anything else they want to learn. 

The Designers that Forever Darling V will be featuring are:

Danielle Everine 
Rafael Cox
Julie Tierney 
Becky Ross
Mondo Guerra  
Cecilia Motwani 
Michael Costello 
Fallene Wells 

Forever Darling V is going to be 3 days packed of fun events Here is a general agenda for the show. 

Thursday March 29th all designers fly into Denver, 5 designers will be completing their collections in the work space at The Denver Art Museum 

Friday night: 6-10 Forever Darling V fashion show in the Ponti Hall at The Denver Art Museum

Saturday night: 7-12 Join us to meet and greet with the designers, purchase designs, sketches, merchandise and listen to great music by Bsous and Sauna! 

Tickets for Party $25 will be for sale Feb 1st and can purchase them online at More info to come 

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Thanks for reading! 

Fallene Wells