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I recently came across this fantastic website It allows creative professionals in every imaginable category to showcase and promote their work. For all of you super creative people out there you should sign up and start sharing your portfolio! I would also recommend joining their page on Facebook, there are really great inspiring articles!

Just uploaded my portfolio check out more pics at behance!


Couture and Cupcakes

DDI (Denver Design Incubator) had their first event last week. It featured a runway show, live auction and a ton of delicious cupcakes at the Jet Hotel! It was super chic and it made me extremely excited to promote and support DDI making it a huge success. 

Check out DDI at


DDI meeting

Meeting with Kathy Bacon and Tina Gill from DDI went fantastic! Lots of things in the works and donating sponsors to get, but I’m so happy to finally have the help I need to make Forever Darling the anticipated fashion show in Denver. DDI is a perfect non-profit to benefit, it helps designers by having a curriculmn that will teach them how to create and produce their fashion line from the ground up! As a designer I can’t wait to enroll!


Dreams of building a set

I thought more about how I can make the look of a magical 20s feel come to life. I think it would be a great idea to build a set. I’m picturing a plywood header cut out in an ornate pattern and placed in front of gold velvet curtains. The plywood would act as a vallance to frame the curtains. Looking for ideas and perhaps a wood worker to help achieve this look! 

Obviously not this crazy!

Space for FD4


Meetings for FD4

Monday I will be meeting with our new possible Non-profit that FD4 will be donating to. The non-profit is called DDI which stands for Denver Design Incubator. DDI was created to help designers learn how to create a line from the beginning stages to production by offering a 2 year program.

Let you know more about DDI after our meeting!


Check out the video from FD2!